Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sleeping with Cats

For my entire adult life there has been a cat or two...or three in my life and family. I never let them sleep in my bed with me until we got these Bengals. That's when I learned that the big king sized bed in the master bedroom is THEIR bed and I just sleep in it. Most nights it's my sweetheart on one side, cats sprawled out in the center and me clinging to a slice of space on the edge. I wake up with a stiff neck and having a hot flash and night sweats because they are so warm and they love to sleep in a pile...right up against me. I sometimes wake up to one sleeping on my chest. Think about a new litter of kittens sleeping in a pile, that's these two bengals and I. However, in the winter they are great for cold feet. Our brown bengal, Jasper knows how to kiss...on the lips. My daughter taught him to kiss on the lips for a treat. It's really cute, but he turned it around and gives a kiss when he wants a treat first and you had better know where that mouth has been before he plants his kitty lips on yours. (You were licking what?) I was awakened at 2:38 this morning by a kiss on the lips. Please pass the cat treats? Those Temptation cat treats are cat crack, you know. And then again, awakened with a blue mouse on my chest and a huge pounce to my stomach. None the less, these cats are great companions. The silver bengal is Smokey Joe Lee and is as sweet as can be. Jasper has a white heart on his belly because he is a love! So, sleeping with cats is not good, restful sleep, but I would not change a thing.

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