Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Whaley House Neighbor : La Casa De Estudillo Old Town San Diego

La Casa De Estudillo is located down the street, within walking distance of the Whaley House. This place is just as haunted as the Whaley House, if not more. It is free to visit and was built hacienda style. It and the Whaley house were build during a very rough "wild West" time in the history of San Diego. There were many murders, much drinking and crime. In researching this place today, I learned about the Ramona connection. Now, I must read the novel. I will also be bringing you many photos, in the future of Ranch Guajome as I know it well.
From Wikipedia here is a little history on the place:
The Casa de Estudillo, also known as the Estudillo House, is a historic adobe house in San Diego, California, United States. It was constructed in 1827 by José María Estudillo and his son José Antonio Estudillo, early settlers of San Diego, and was considered one of the finest houses in Mexican California. It is located in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, and is designated as both a National and a California Historical Landmark in its own right. Besides being one of the oldest surviving examples of Spanish architecture in California, the house gained much prominence by association with Helen Hunt Jackson's wildly popular 1884 novel Ramona. The Casa de Estudillo is one of three National Historic Landmarks in Southern California that were closely tied to Ramona, a novel of Californio life shortly after the American acquisition of California; the other two are Rancho Camulos and Rancho Guajome.
Here are photos of this place. I took some of them with a flash and some without. You will see that I captured two orbs, when I was not using my flash.
Note that the items are mostly not original to the house for it had fallen into a state of disrepair and restored in about 1910.

This room is very haunted.

This room as well is haunted. I shot this photo without my flash. The orb is bright and clear.

See the orb over the bed?

I did use a flash with this photo, but look along the top. You will see part of an orb. You cannot see them when you are shooting so it is cut off.

If you want to experience a good haunting and are somewhat sensitive to spirit, visit Old Town San Diego.
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