Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Nancy Drew Summer

I was thinking back to the summer of 1970. I was a kid and every weekend I would go to the swap meet with my dad. I was already a treasure hunter by then, looking for antiques. I discovered Nancy Drew books and would look for the oldest ones that I could find, with the dust covers. I loved the "old fashioned" graphics. I paid 5 to 10 cents each for them. I would find and cash in pop bottles all week so that I would have money for more books. (Pop bottles paid 3 to 5 cents each.) I would come home from the swap and read those books all week long. I remember being told to go to bed and reading my books under the covers with a flashlight because I could not put them down. I still have my Nancy Drew books. This was my favorite.:

Remember when the inside cover looked like this?

Were you a Nancy Drew girl too?
I kind of want to read one tonight....
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