Monday, July 22, 2013

How I Found Dark Beauty

On etsy there are many wonderful teams that one can join. I am a member of many, with Got Vintage Shops and Ecochic at the top of the list. So, I was up late one night, troubled and trying to figure out a huge photography problem that I have been experiencing. To shoot jewelry correctly, the lighting has to be perfect. I prefer bright California sunshine. Which is all good, unless you live near the beach and the weather turns gloomy and foggy. That has been the case for me this summer. I find myself grabbing my things, not matter what I am doing and running outside to my photography vignette to shoot one thing as the sun peeks out for just a moment. Sometimes I get 15 minutes in an entire day! I cannot complain about the fog as it keeps our temperature cool and comfortable, but I need to be able to shoot my photos for ebay and etsy or you will never see my fresh finds.
So it's late at night and pitch black outside. My office window is wide open so I can hear the crickets and leaves rustling in the soft ocean breeze. I am enjoying the scent of the salty air and the tourists' campfire smoke in the air as I sipped my tea and looked around etsy. Then I saw it! I saw this photo:

(Link to this shop below) Something about the black on black caught my eye. I clicked into the shop "Nowvintage" and the photography took my breath away! She makes simple finds look extraordinary and amazing things out of this world. I learned that she is a member of a team called "Dark Beauty". I went to the team page and was captivated by the artistry in both items offered and the photography skill level. This is an "A-1" top notch team! I was so obsessed with what I saw that I studied the way they work with black and dark colors, black on black, low lighting and shadows. THIS was my answer! The next day, after making a pinterest board where I collected my favorite photos, more than 200 of them, I gave it a try. It is not easy, but it works. I am practicing this technique and hope to have it wired for the winter. I am working to be good enough at it to get through these gloomy but cool days.
And the icing on the cupcake here is this... I am now a proud member of this team!! Here are a couple of my practice shots. I'll get better.

Here is a copy and paste link to Nowvintage on etsy:
The owner is named Bobbie and her finds are fantastic!
Here is a link to the Dark Beauty Shop on etsy:
You will love this group of artists. I sure do.
And last but not least, a link to my Dark Beauty Pinterest board:
Take a look. Let me know what you think!
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