Friday, January 16, 2015

NEW!!!! The Vintage Weekend Show

If you are an "antiquer", a "junker" or a "picker" you know what it is to get up in the dark on a Saturday morning, throw some warm clothes on, get into your cold car with a cup of coffee and a granola bar and head out to an antique show.

You have to be the first one there!

You shop with a flashlight, buy from people who got up even earlier that you did as you search for the score of the day. As you carry your ever growing heavier antique show bag to the bathroom for a quick break you swear that you will never drink coffee before a show again because now someone else is getting that thing that you have been looking for. You look into the mirror and learn that you only applied mascara to one eye and your t-shirt is on inside out.

You hurry back out and trudge in and out of booths. It's hard work, but exciting too! I started doing this in 1983 and I still get so excited before a show, that I cannot sleep.

But there was this other thing, that really got rolling in about 1997, called eBay. I just happened to be just about to give birth to my daughter when eBay really started to catch on. It was too hard to take a new baby out to the shows and ebay was the answer. I could stay home and shop for great finds on line. And the finds were great! The wonderful, the rare and the excitement! I could not wait to turn on my computer in the morning.  I quickly became an ebay seller and my new career was born.

It was a great place to buy and sell for a long time, but things slowly changed. The imports now dominate the website and the sellers of antiques and vintage have been pushed out.

So, where can you go to feel the excitement of an antique show and the old ebay? Where can you go to find authentic vintage and antique finds from sellers that are knowledgeable and trustworthy?

Here is the answer:

This website we created by experienced sellers who have been offering vintage finds on Ruby Lane, Ebay and Etsy for years. 

Here's how it works: The dealers on this website spend 2 months buying, photographing and listing fresh vintage and antique finds for the Vintage Weekend Show.  Then, on a Friday morning the show opens and all of our on-line virtual Booths are open...and for three days only. 

What will you find there?

Here is a list of categories. 

With my booth, I have fresh finds that I have not shown anywhere else. First time finds only, and at great prices. Once the show closes, they will be removed and I will find a new collection of vintage jewelry for the next show. 

This show is bi-monthly. 

A sneak peek at one of the never seen items that I will have in my booth.

If you want to see who the fabulous sellers are at the show, click here for Dealer Profiles. 

There are approximately 30 dealers participating with many more waiting to join the group. We are growing fast, but being careful not to grow too quickly so that we can give you the best customer service ever.

So when is the show?

It's next weekend!!

Show dates are:
January 23-24-25

Here is the list of participating dealers for the January show.

Payment can be made by paypal. It's easy!

Get there early to find the best stuff!!!
Shop in your pajamas! Drink all of the coffee that you want. No mascara needed. 
And if that is not enough, get this...
Everything on the Vintage Weekend Show website has..


You can find the Vintage Weekend Show on Facebook here
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See you there! Dealers will be on line to answer your questions. 

When this guy's out, you must shop in!

Get ready to fill your shopping basket!

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