Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Magic Lamp Store- The Urban Barn

I am always looking for new props for my daily photography shoots for my ebay and etsy shops. It keeps things fresh for shoppers and frankly, it keeps things exciting for me as it is my creative outlet. I get an idea in my head of what I need. I imagine something that I want, a color, a old mirror or crusty rusty paint...torn pink silk, what ever my mind imagines that I must have to shoot a certain item. Then I get in the car and go to this shop, this wonderful shop that is like my Magic Lamp. I make a wish and this place grants it! I ALWAYS find what I am looking for no matter what it is. Today I wanted a chalkboard in old paint and that paint had to be dark and original. I also wanted larger typeset blocks, old ones with numbers or letters that have a great patina. they are!

This shop is The Urban Barn located in Escondido, CA. Their website is
Here is what I left behind and believe me, I wanted to buy it all!

Succulent bling!

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