Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This is my friend Willy. He officially belongs to my next door neighbor, but he spends much of his time over at my house. He talks to me outside my office window. He has stalked us so intensely that if we get up late, he climbs to the second story of the house and sits on the window sill staring at my daughter sleeping through the window until she wakes up. He knows when it is cat feeding time around here and when it is treat time. You can bet he is at the door for his share at those times. When I drive up from an outing, he knows my car and is right there to great me. If I am late to go out to my photo vignette, he is at my window saying "Let's go!". Here he is rolling in the dirt as I shoot today's finds. The photo is not faded...that's dust and dirt all over him.

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