Thursday, August 22, 2013

Photo Shoot

Almost every day I shoot photos for my ebay and etsy shops. I really love photography and the creative process that goes along with it. I have several vignettes where I shoot and literally hundreds of props. Everyday I plan out my color scheme, decide which pieces will need what color of background and what texture will work. I have to consider which template with match as well. Props are carried to the vignette that I am using that day. The vignette is chosen according to the time of day and the lighting that I have to work with, which depends on the time of year and the weather. I prefer natural outdoor lighting so that the true color of the stones, especially the turquoise. I work with a high end Canon camera and a Mac. My photo colors are right on. (However, do note that my photos are only as good as your color adjustment on your computer monitor or smart phone.) With this photo, I took the liberty to edit and enhance because I never get to! How fun! Here's my vignette, props and inventory ready for today's mid-morning shoot.

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