Friday, August 23, 2013

Playing with Photo Filters

Ebay was down for several hours today. It gave me time to play with iphone instagram apps and filters. I really like it...Here are some of my instagram posts.
This is a Navajo necklace that I have listed on ebay.

It was a foggy morning on the pier.

An egret waiting for a handout from the fishermen. Actually, some of these birds are very brave and take the fish from the pole before the men get the fish up to the pier.
Sunflowers are still blooming at the ranch were I take my afternoon walks.

Sold! I hate to see this Baltic Butterscotch or egg yolk amber bracelet go, but it is going to a good home.

Just listed on etsy:

These are in the process of being listed on etsy and ebay tonight.

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