Sunday, June 30, 2013


This is my new girl that I bought at Urban Barn. Her name is "Madge". That's because when she wears jewelry you do not have to iMAGinge what you would look like in that jewel. She's wonderful as she is on a floor stand and she is very tall. Does not give me a backache when I am shooting photos. Isn't she pretty?

These are my other "bitches". The small one is "Minnie" for obvious reasons. The Mannequin is Marsha. She is named after the main character in the old Twilight Zone episode "The After Hours". The girl on the right is "May", because I may really use her someday, but right now the other girls get all the attention. Not pictured is my mannequin hand "Hannah", but you will see her modeling whenever Shy Girl is not available.

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