Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Southern California Snow Day

Right now, on my desk are some fantastic finds that I have ready to go to photography. The plan was to get them listed on my website today. But Mother Nature had other plans.
You see, I live in a Southern California beach town. Mild weather, surfers, tourists and great taco shops is what you will find here. Last night a Northern storm blew in. It was loud, windy and very wet. I am not complaining as we are in a drought, complete with lawn watering restrictions and huge surcharges if we use too much of the precious stuff. Our water reservoirs are low, the lakes are way low and we need snow in the mountains.
We woke up this morning with snow in the foothills all around us. As long as I have lived here, I have never seen snow like this. I live too close to sea level to have it in my yard, but it was all around me. We hopped in the car for a quick ride to higher ground to fully enjoy the beautiful gift the the North wind brought to us.
                                                   Nothing as crisp and clean as fresh snow.
                                Amazing how this sheep walked the snow to look like her wool coat.

Real Icicles!

         This looks like it was shot in black & white though it is full color. It was so quiet here and the air was crisp, cool and clean.
               My favorite snowman! Left on a burlwood chair next to a little shop along the way.
Love the contrast. 
A country snow!!!

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