Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Fun Photo Shoot!

My new website and brand is being built at Click here to check it out.

I am getting very excited about it. It will be much more personal than a typical sales platform and my prices will be rock bottom.

It will have an attached blog where I can share my buying trips and my life as a horse riding girl who lives at the beach with an NHRA nitro funny car driving boyfriend who loves old monster movies and a beautiful 16 year old daughter who goes everywhere with me. She keeps me up-to-date with the trending styles which keeps my dork factor in check.

I also live with Bengal cats and lots of antiques. I collect vintage cowboy boots, love Indian turquoise, but ride in a vintage Hermes English saddle. I ride Western style so I am taking lessons to learn proper English equitation as most of my life I have ridden bareback.

My goal with this website is to help you see my fun lifestyle and then you will understand just how I come to choosing the vintage pieces that I do, and why I put crazy things together with my passionate mixed-up style.

Here are a few photos from a quick photo shoot for the website that I did yesterday. If you visit the site, please know that it is not finished yet, but if you see something that you like, I think that the site is operational at times. You can contact me at and we will get that gorgeous thing to you.

So, check them out! (none of these items are for sale-just eye-candy), but there are many great things on the website that are for sale with hundreds more coming soon.

Amazing Squash Blossom Necklace!
Navajo Piece with possible Lander Blue Turquoise.
Navajo coral necklace with black powder fetish birds. "Powder" was made from the fusion layer from meteorites found at the Meteor Crater years ago. They are clay, but

Amazing Baroque coat brooch with faceted glass "rubies".
Vintage Antonio Pineda amethyst panel bracelet. Taxco, Mexico. 

Santo Domingo hand-carved red coral bird fetish necklace with white heishi. 
Vintage Navajo turquoise Naja on antique folk art horse saddle stand. 
Old Favorites!!!

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