Monday, November 11, 2013

Ebay Update

I have not been posting here on my blog, instagram or even much on pinterest as I have been revising my listings on ebay. With 1000 listings on ebay it is a long laborious task. You will see that the appearance of my listings has greatly changed. However, it seems that it is doing no good. While other sites are going with cleaned up lines and lovely photography, ebay says they are doing the same, but Cassini, the new search platform is only pulling up .99 cent starting bid auctions and many of these listing have dingy yellow photos and sellers with poor ratings and heavy negative feedback. We are told that if we give free shipping, have high seller ratings, great photos and clean listings we will be high in the search standings. After 2 months of testing on my part, it is not true. After 15 years on ebay, it appears that this site will not work for me any longer for my listings are not coming up in search.
I am very sad about this, but it is out of my control. I will still have my ebay store as I will be hoping that something changes, but my best deals and fresh finds will be listed in my etsy shop where I can take beautiful photos with creative backgrounds and I can have lower prices because the fees are lower. Etsy has maintained a much more beautiful site with a better on line buying experience. Ebay feels like a bargain basement to me right now.
I will resume posting photos of my fresh finds here for you to preview. If you are an ebay customer, please consider checking out my etsy shop too.
Here are some recent fresh finds that I have listed. I have a photo shoot scheduled for today with more great finds.

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