Friday, June 28, 2013

Feeling a little "Shoppy" today...Urban Barn to the rescue!

After a long photo shoot in the hot sun, I was at my desk writing listings and feeling a bit "shoppy". We jumped into the car and drove straight to Urban Barn for a quick shopping trip in the middle of a work day. I bought a wonderful new mannequin on a stand who will be modeling necklaces for me starting tomorrow. Here is what I left behind...but did not want to! Get, ready, there's alot of photos.

Who remembers having to wear this in swim class or whenever you swam in a public pool? This display is amazing, just amazing.

A great settle made of a bed headboard.

Some of the great chandeliers available. Just love them.

A new dealer for the shop. What a great look.

I cannot resist cobalt blue glass.

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