Saturday, November 15, 2014

A New Horse and an Old Sales Platform

It's been an eventful month around these parts.  First of all the most magical thing happened. Just a few days before KhalaBlu's family came home and my lease was to end, the most amazing opportunity fell into my lap.

Due to a wacky chain of events, I have now adopted a beautiful chestnut Arabian gelding named "Red". The name that he was born with is "Red Wolf".  How Native American is that? Perfect for a girl who buys and sells turquoise! His show name is "Rafferty Bey".  Everyone just calls him "Red".

He was already located at KhalaBlu's boarding stable, on the same row as my favorite morning riding buddies. He is an outstanding mount with years of training and show experience. He is now learning about the relaxed life of a trail horse. We are having great fun together. I feel so blessed.

This is Red with my trainer. I need lessons to know how to properly queue him according to his training. I love learning new things.

This is Red relaxing a bit .Very sweet boy who can really move out. 
And this is my view from the saddle with my friends. I love this horse and my rides with friends.

Now for the second half of the post. I have decided, after 17 years on ebay, to remove all but 12 of my listings. I can no longer operate under their insane seller policies and ineffective search engine. It is sad to see a website that was so strong and so exciting to shop and sell on become an ineffective shell of what it was. I am moving my listings to my etsy shop with slashed prices of course because these listings will make my etsy shop too full.  I have been working on this all month, but with the impending new 3 month return policy coming in 3 days, I just closed them.  I feel such a sense of relief to no longer have to deal with the seller abuse and pressure that has become the norm on ebay. 

The slashed priced items will continue to be listed through the next few weeks along with fresh finds.  There is no way to actually show you on etsy how much I marked them down from ebay prices, but most 40% to 60% off. Plus, I have a coupon code for an Etsy Fellowship Team for an additional 15% off. It is HOLIDAY2014 and is available until Dec. 15. Here are some of the items that I have greatly reduced after moving them over. 

                                                                  Learn more here

There is so very much more new to my Etsy shop with more being listed every day. I have just about 400 hand-picked fresh finds here that will be split between One Kings Lane and Etsy. I am sure that I have something that you cannot live without!

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