Monday, September 23, 2013

Goodbye Ebay Best Offer

Yesterday, after a horrible email from an ebay buyer resulting in a long discussion with ebay about the changes to best offer, I decided to totally discontinue the best offer option. It was a good and fun thing, but the changes have major flaws. Here's what happened: A low ball offer came in on a ring and the system auto declined. The buyer sent another offer and I accepted. Now the listing was about to end when he did that. While waiting for him to confirm the item and pay for it that listing did end. It was on sale at the time that he made the offer. The new listing was at full price and not including in a sale because it was new. Here is the email that I received:
"-Dear yourgreatfinds, what the f*** made an offer i received 2 emails one said declined the other said you agreed to my offer go to pay then its declined plus you listed at a higher price so whats the go im making a complaint to ebay cause it it was the other way around and i commited to buy your item and then i say are f**k it there is cheaper one iv seen i dont want that now youd have the shits not good mate its stinks if you made a mistake send me a email and say it or addmit to it . I dont whats going on with your sale - ajprice1963"
To which I replied as follows "Dear ajprice1963, First of all, I do not appreciate your language and I do hope that you will file a complaint with ebay. I did nothing wrong. I accepted your offer, but before you came back and confirmed your intent to buy and sent payment, the listing ended as it was a 30 day listing and today was it's day to end. Once that happens the system cancels the offers. This is a major flaw in the new best offer system. I am in the process of discontinuing using it. So please let ebay know that you are unhappy with what the system did, for it was better the way it worked before. The item has been re-listed, but after speaking to ebay about you and your message, ebay and I have removed best offer from all of my listings. The listing is at full price now and will be on sale at some point in the future, however I do not tolerate being treated as you have treated me from anyone so you have been blocked from buying anything from my store. Thank you for serving as an extreme example to ebay of why the new best offer option was a bad change. Best of luck to you. - yourgreatfinds"
And this is what came back to me :"Dear yourgreatfinds, Oh you poor boy im so scared you blocked me wow touchy amercians all the same your fullvof it b**** mate australian sellers arnt like that you have listed even higher rhan what you had in the first place your a scamer norhing more"
...and this followed immediately:
"Dear yourgreatfinds, I wouldnt buy anything from you afrer that scamer no wounder people get the shits with you lot all high a mighter. Carnt take it soft"
***Now I understand that this poor fool is nearly illiterate and that it is difficult to read what he has written, but to be so hostile and to even insult Americans over this is over the top. I won't tolerate this abuse. This one is extreme, but not the only one. Ebay made this change and it is only causing problems and confusing buyers.
So, if you see an item in my ebay store that you fancy and desire to make an offer on it, please send me a message explaining your wishes and I will try to give you a deal if it is at all possible. We will work it out. We will have to work together the old fashioned way now. I like it better because we have to talk and get to know each other a bit. I am sorry if discontinuing "best offer" is an inconvenience to you, but we can work it out. Thank you for your loyal patronage.

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