Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Picnic at Myrtle Creek

Today, we were wanting to have lunch, but a quiet and restful sort of lunch. No loud busy joints for us! I remembered that last time I was shopping for plants at Myrtle Creek Nursery in Fallbrook, they had added an organic cafe. It's darling!!!
The fun thing is that you order from a rather limited menu, but your lunch comes in a picnic basket with a blanket and you can have a picnic lunch anywhere on the beautiful grounds. We chose here:
Next time we are going to have lunch down here:
It was a relaxing lunch. There was an acoustic guitar player that just made this beautiful place more atmospheric. We then did a little shopping. 

We took a stroll over to the red barn and fed the goats too!
Came home with the night-blooming jasmine that I was looking for was well as a lovely memory of a nice lunch with Em.

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