Saturday, May 16, 2015

My Seller Experience with the Pinterest Promoted Pins Portal

I just wanted to share my experience with Pinterest promoted pins.
I want to start advertising on Pinterest as it is a fantastic driver of traffic.
I started a sale yesterday in my Etsy shop, created a collage style add. I blogged it, pinned it from my blog to a special board on Pinterest. I created a FB ad with my biz page and posted there. It's a 5 day sale so I am running the ad 5 days. FB ad was running within 15 minutes.

Went to Pinterest, chose the pin from that board (Pin ad has to be pre-pinned).

...Hit continue and went to the next screen where I was prompted to add my credit card information. 

I entered my credit card information and went to the next screen where I had to show the dates of the campaign, create tags, and audience etc. One thing is asked for is what city I am targeting, I chose "All". I spent about 1/2 hour doing all of this set up and then submitted the ad.

About 2 hours later it was declined. It took about 10 minutes navigating the ad portal to learn that they did not like my choice of cities. (WTH? -right?)
So, I chose 22 cities and re-submitted. It went through and shows as running, but pending.

This morning it was still showing as running and pending and first 24 hours of my sale is now over. I waited a few hours and then paused it because there was no way that I could find to cancel the campaign.

Overall, I really would like to try advertising on Pinterest, but just like their paltry customer service, their advertising portal is less than easy to use and their response time basically,

I am wondering if they just don't want small sellers and are targeting the corporate accounts as they always have.

I sure hope that they design something easy to use and create a customer service unit like Shopify has. They want to take our money, but need to provide service to go with it.

Crossing my fingers for a new and improved, easier to use Pinterest Promoted Pins Portal -say that fast five times!

***Update: The feedback that I have received from other sellers that have tried promoted pins as well, have been 100% in line with my experience. Has anyone had success with this program? If you are out there, please share.

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